My Family


These pages will be filled with stories and information about my family and the several surnames that I am researching.  Some of this information is not directly connected to my family but shares a similar surname. 

Please note that I'm sorry that time does not permit me to do look ups.  But I will share all the information that I gather on this site. 

Direct Line Ancestors:

Visit Saundra Martin's Family Page or Robert Ray's Family Page directly

I like to share what I find. Why waste a great wild goose chase? It might help someone else.

Ties to the family:

Besson, Besson / Golsch, Pufalt, Force

DNA Testing and Family Stories:

Recently, my brother, Mike Ray took a Y-DNA marker DNA test. A number of the Ray Research Cousins have also done DNA testing for genealogy and we are working to figure out the various family ties. Through this effort, one cousin found a long lost letter written by Thomas Franklin Ray 1853 - 1940 detailing a number of stories that he remembered. The letters were written in the 1930's and while there are a few errors, it provided great insight to his life and times. Even if you are not a RAY researcher, this is certainly worth the read.


With the availablity of DNA, there are a number of people that are resently found cousins. I have had several family members and friends tested on familytreedna and Ancestry. I have also posted results on

The following id's are the key ones associated with this family tree research on

Parts of Saundra Martin's family tree:

  • T722133 (both paternal and maternal lines)
  • T356644 (both paternal and maternal lines)
  • T224209 (paternal lines Martin & Frierson and beyond - YDNA for Martin family completed)
  • A823899 (paternal lines Martin & Frierson and beyond)

Parts of Robert Ray's family tree:

  • Coming soon

Both Saundra and Robert:

  • T619264
  • T030500 (completed YDNA for RAY surname)
  • T830878
  • Today's Family and Hobbies:

    With all the information about the past listed here, I think it is time to show off some of the current events and photos of the family.

    Please check my site map as I continue to add information.